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Your Own Digital Marketing Business

Learn the skills you need to make money online and successfully run your OWN online business!

  • A Step-by-Step blueprint for beginners

  • Over 80+ modules that teach you to create your online business successfully!

  • Lifetime community access, updates, and support

  • The option to sell for 100% profit

  • Free 1-1 calls for mentorship with the community

  • Learning to build your own brand, funnel, automation, email marketing & more!

Check Out What This Course Offers

Introduction to Digital Marketing

An introduction to the fundamentals of business and digital marketing. Here you will learn the key principles of business, management, and strategy, and how to apply it in digital marketing or other businesses.

How to Build Your Own Branded Sales Process

Learn step by step on how to build your own branded sales funnel. You will learn to create a brand identity, design landing pages, develop your email campaign, and create a high-converting sales page

Email Marketing

Learn the principles and best practices of email marketing such as email design, list segmentation, automation, personalization, and analytics.

How to Expand Your Brand

You will develop a strong brand strategy for your business. Learn the fundamentals of branding, how to create a unique brand identity, develop a brand voice and personality, and also build a strong brand status.

Business Tools

Learn a range of tools and technologies to help your business operate effectively and efficiently.

Content Strategies for Social Media

You will learn to design your target audience, create compelling content, and to distribute that content on different social media platforms. Measure the effectiveness of your content and use data to optimize your strategy.

Marketing on Different Social Media Platforms

Learn how to create engaging content for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pintrest, and YouTube. Explore strategies to build your following, increase engagement, and drive traffic to your website.

ChatGPT Masterclass

Gain knowledge and skills to use ChatGPT effectively in all areas of your business and life.

Additional Training

Learn tips and tricks to using Google's suite of tools. There is even a module on affiliate marketing and even how to create your very own course! Here you will find blog post ideas, social media prompts, video concepts, and so much more!

Free Community

You will have a FREE supportive community to connect and receive additional support and guidance from instructors and peers. You can ask your questions, share your progress, and collaborate with others who are also taking the course! Instructors and mentors are available to provide you with feedback, answer your questions, and offer additional resources and guidance.

A Little About Myself

Hi there! I first want to say how happy I am that you came across my page. Secondly, welcome to my digital marketing course! My name is Stefanie. I am married to a wonderful husband and have two pups. This year was one of our most challenging, financially and emotionally. To be transparent, one of our dogs broke her leg and she had to go through surgery. We didn’t have pet insurance, so that was a large cost that was unexpected but necessary for us because she is like our child. Fast forward to summertime, my father was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer and I felt like my world was falling apart.

I trusted in God that He had a plan for what was going on in our lives and believed that this was temporary. More than ever, I wanted to find ways to support my parents so they wouldn’t have to work so hard but also to support ourselves. I wanted to get out of a life where we lived paycheck to paycheck and not feel that guilt (limiting our spending) for going out to dinner with my family once in awhile.

I have worked for several years in the healthcare sector specifically in Administration and Human Resources. I didn't hate my life or my job, but I wanted to do something more for my family and myself. More time, more freedom, and ultimately to have an online business.

That is when I started to research more on earning income online. I stumbled upon a course that taught me about affiliate marketing and I saw the potential it could have but I was not able to spend thousands of dollars to learn these high-income skills. That is when I came across this digital marketing course with master resell rights (MMR) attached to it! I had never heard of this before and it was hard to grasp the concept at first, but as I researched MMR and digital marketing, I knew this was going to change the game.

Digital marketing is booming! It's crazy to think that in 2022 alone, digital marketing reached a revenue of over $300 billion. The e-learning marketing is expected to surpass over $800 billion by 2030. Can you see how much potential this could have?! This is not going away anytime soon! So if you are looking for a way to make extra income online on your own time, are a complete beginner (like myself), you want to be taught high-income skills (and not spend thousands of dollars), then this is the course for you! I am so excited about all the things you will accomplish with this.

All the best,


Look At What Real People Are Saying..

"This Course I can Stand Behind"

"I have been WORKING at affiliate marketing now for 9 months ... struggling is more like it. I have learned A LOT. I had the opportunity to see this course ... I had an a-ha moment. I was teaching about high ticket products but not promoting a single one, because I didn't believe in them. This course I can stand behind, it's solid. No fluff. No BS. Solid education, support, motivation ... it is the only "graduate" level digital marketing course in existence. And 100% commission is a game changer. So Blessed to be a part of it"


"I Love the Easy Step-by-Step Process"

"I am so impressed so far. In one day (4 hours) I have managed to make it through the videos and am at the point where I am creating my first funnel. I could have been using this information in my current business to bring new customers to my door all along (20 yrs.) I love the easy step-by-step process!"


"Received my first sale while on my morning walk!"

“This so well put together for a beginner to follow. It is a Step-by-Step process that flew by within a few hours for me to launch. The community is so helpful with any questions you may have. 2 weeks in and I received my first sale while on my morning walk! Automation at its best!



What exactly is this product?

This product is a digital marketing course that has over 80 in-depth training modules that help you set up a successful and profitable online digital marketing business. This course will teach you to brand yourself, set up your FREE funnel, email campaigns, and automations step-by-step, correctly use SEO, and steps to market yourself successfully on social media platforms

Is this course & community a one-time cost?

The price of this course & community is only one-time and it includes all you need to know PLUS includes the master resell rights. There is additional support if needed but it is definitely NOT required in order to succeed.

What do I get with my purchase?

You get access to the training program, you are granted the rights to sell this course as your very first high ticket offer (only if you want), and access to a free community.

What is Master Resell Rights (MRR)

It means you are free to use or sell the product with the same rights to others but you are restricted from altering or modifying the product from what it is originally.

Do I need any experience?

No, not at all! This course was created with beginners in mind and it will teach you step-by-step on how to successfully set up your digital marketing business AND you always have access to your community (AND myself) who will help you whenever you have any questions.

Do I need to sell this course?

No, you don't! Only if you want to sell it. You can choose to learn from this course and use it to create your very own digital product to sell or you can use this course as your first product until you are ready to create your own!


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